The Sheer Trend Is Taking Over the Fashion World in 2022

Fashion can be fickle: Trends come and go by the season, leaving us to either buy a few new on-trend pieces each season or stick to keeping our dream outfits pinned on our various Pinterest boards in hopes that the trend cycle brings back our favorite styles from years past. But even at a time when those very cycles seem to be moving at warp speed (hello, microtrends!), there’s one style that the fashion set has been transfixed with for nearly a year: fall 2022’s sheer trend.

Wearing thinner clothes as we head into the chilly fall and winter seasons is at least confusing and at most impractical, so why is everyone so into them right now? According to Jessica Richards, a trend forecaster and founder of JMR Trend + Creative, it has to do with the desire to be seen–and our current political climate post Roe.