Banning all gifts is quite simple [letter] | Letters To The Editor

Regarding the Sept. 21 editorial (“Ban gifts”) and the Spotlight PA article that appeared in the Sept. 15 LNP | LancasterOnline (“Ploy to force vote on gift ban fails”):

Ploy? We have to resort to ploys to get people to do the right thing? Really?

This voter is in favor of banning all gifts from all lobbyists to all members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. I don’t think I am alone in this.

I am insulted by the state House Democratic spokesperson’s opinion — which I found haughty, snobbish and snooty — that the bill as written was “unconstitutionally vague.” I can write a bill that is not unconstitutionally vague.

My bill simply says “No.”

Can a member of the General Assembly accept tickets to a concert or sporting event from a lobbyist? No.

Can a member of the General Assembly accept a free meal from a lobbyist? Again, no.

Can a member of the General Assembly accept a cup of coffee from a lobbyist? Nope.

It’s really not that difficult. The answer is always no.

I suggest that members of the General Assembly (at taxpayer’s expense, of course) have business cards with the word “NO” in bold capital letters printed on both sides. Members will be required to memorize what is written on the card.

Maybe give each member several cards, in case one gets lost. And if the card is misplaced, the lawmaker can rely on his or her memory and quickly recall the word “No.”

Phil Capp